Only fantastic breading

A perfect help in cooking both the most traditional and new original recipes


Only fantastic breading

Breadcrumbs is an essential ingredient to get delicious fried food becoming more and more used in cooking and transforming so many popular and common dishes into new original and interesting recipes. Thanks to the excellent quality of raw materials our breadcrumbs are able to accept and successfully overcome the most exciting gastronomic challenges.

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Breadcrumbs with herbs

Our breadcrumbs contain only natural aromatic herbs and thanks to the unique and authentic flavour help to experiment with traditional and innovative recipes of original and creative cuisine. The fresh taste of the aromatic herbs make them perfect for cooking seafood dishes such as mussels au gratin. And how about having the traditional cutlet without comparison by breading it with our herbs?

INGREDIENTS durum wheat semolina, water, sourdough, salt, aromatic herbs. Contains no preservatives.

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Semolina Crumbs

Our semolina crumbs is an essential ingredient for many well-known recipes. First of all, the famous Sicilian arancini, which will be really easy to prepare and above all will hold on perfectly during the frying process if you add our semolina crumbs. Thanks to the authenticity of the ingredients, which are all natural without any preservative or artificial flavouring, our product is a guarantee of quality taste and reliability.

INGREDIENTS durum wheat semolina, water, sourdough, salt. Contains no preservatives.

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Breadcrumbs with egg

A real novelty! A perfect combination for all those dishes needing the use of egg and breadcrumbs such as cutlets, chicken nuggets or the traditional Neapolitan dish “mozzarella in carrozza” and more…
All your dishes will be enriched in flavor! Bon appetit!

INGREDIENTS wheat flour, powdered egg, salt, sourdough. Contains no preservatives.

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